• food poisoning

    Count yourself lucky if you’ve never gone from feeling a bit queasy after having lunch to spending a miserable day (or two) camped out in the bathroom. Could it be something you ate (that hamburger looked undercooked!) Or is it a case of “stomach flu”? To clarify some terms, there is actually no such thing as stomach flu. That’s just a Read more...

  • mother and daughter

    A child’s self-esteem is the foundation for the future. Their ability to develop relationships, conduct themselves with confidence and have a better understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses is established through their self-esteem. How does a child develop self-esteem, and how do we as parents know if our kids have enough Read more...

  • MAGEC system for juvenile scoliosis

    A new device for juvenile scoliosis can prevent children from needing repeated surgeries, reducing the risks of infection and adverse effects for medically fragile kids. At age 8, Alex Judd has already had his share of surgical procedures. Born with a rare genetic syndrome, Alex has neurological issues as well as stomach problems. And Read more...

  • New clinic established for diagnosing seizures

    New clinic established for diagnosing seizures Approximately 90,000 people in Kentucky and Southern Indiana are living with epilepsy, a disorder characterized by recurring seizures. With more than 20 different types of seizures, some caused by epilepsy and some not, diagnosing Read more...

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