• chicken noodle casserole

    Ghosts, goblins, princesses and superheroes are getting ready to hit the streets Halloween night. Doorbells will chime and a chorus of “Trick or treat!” will fill the air. But the real trick for the night? Getting those small ghouls Read more...

  • mother and daughter talking

    If you have adolescents or teenagers, you’ve no doubt noticed things have changed since you were that age. Back then, certain things just weren’t discussed — in “polite company” or otherwise. Some parents remember when even married couples on TV were shown sleeping in twin beds. Today, it seems that anything goes — at least in the Read more...

  • pediatric head trauma patient

    After a head injury, every second counts It was an unknowing race against time for Ashley Blacketer and Steve Beneke last November when their daughter, Ellie, fell out of a parked car onto the concrete garage floor. With no apparent warning signs of head trauma or serious injury, they thought Ellie had only a sore cheek. Steve gave Ellie Read more...

  • kids in halloween costumes

    Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than any other night of the year. Safe Kids Louisville, a program led by Kosair Children’s Hospital, reminds parents and caregivers to make sure trick-or-treaters are walking safely and staying visible to drivers. “All the usual rules of pedestrian safety still apply,” said Read more...

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