• caring for the caregiver, your aging parent

    My family’s life turned upside down shortly before Thanksgiving 2011. Dad had a major stroke and too much time passed before he was correctly diagnosed, meaning he missed the window for getting treatments that might have diminished the effects of the stroke. That was mistake No. 1. Dad, an extremely active 80 year old, suddenly faced Read more...

  • does your child wet the bed?

    Bedwetting can be frustrating, embarrassing and uncomfortable for you and your child. But for most families, it’s a common part of childhood. Dennis S. Peppas, M.D., and Eran Rosenberg, M.D., pediatric urologists with Kosair Children’s Hospital Urology Specialists, weigh in on common bedwetting questions and address when a child’s Read more...

  • active family with dog

    Beautiful weather is finally upon us, the kids are anxious for school to be out, it’s time to get active. Both kids and adults should get at least one hour of physical activity a day. Think you can’t squeeze that into your already hectic life? Think again. Consider activity as quality family bonding time instead of a chore you have to do Read more...

  • getting on with life after a stroke

    As a Stroke Belt state, Kentucky is home to more than 130,000 adults living with the after-effects of stroke. Thousands more are caring for loved ones who have had a stroke. For many, coming home and getting back to “normal” can be overwhelming. You no longer have a team of doctors looking after you or a physical therapist motivating you Read more...

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