• healthy new year's resolution

    Here it is two weeks into the new year and I’m just beginning to feel “detoxed” from ridiculous amounts of sugary, rich holiday food. It’s sad that it takes only days to break our good health habits and weeks or months to make them stick. (Research from University College of London shows that it takes an average of 66 days for a new Read more...

  • Improving infants’ quality of life through music

    The neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) at Kosair Children’s Hospital downtown and Norton Women’s & Kosair Children’s Hospital in St. Matthews offer music therapy for infants and their families. This clinical and evidence-based health practice is very different from expressive therapy, which uses music along with art, massage, Read more...

  •  Mosell Wakero with her mother, Mulu

    Help from a world away Just a few years ago, 15-year-old Mosell Wakero was an outgoing boy, playing soccer in his home country of Ethiopia. That changed when he began to develop kyphoscoliosis, a series of severe curves in his spine, toward the end of fifth grade. The curves worsened as Mosell grew; his shoulders became crooked and his Read more...

  • The story of Aiden and his quest to give back

    The story of Aiden and his quest to give back Legos have been a huge part of Aiden Johnson’s life. Aiden’s passion for Legos began in February 2007 when he was diagnosed with cancer at age 3. Today, Aiden’s Legacy collects Legos for children battling cancer and raises money to support pediatric cancer care at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Read more...

  • Mindful Eating: Awaken your senses for better health

    How many times have you sat in front of the TV and either snacked or eaten a meal? For many, this is a daily practice — and an unhealthy one. Called “distracted” or “mindless” eating, it can cause you to overeat and prevents you from enjoying your food and the eating experience. Research shows mindless eating also can lead to stress and Read more...

  • 3 ways exercise strengthens your spirit

    You’ve heard it before: Your body is a temple. That may sound cliché these days, but it’s true. When you take care of your body, you take care of your soul. Consider how exercise improves the health of your soul: 1. Exercise clears the mind. It relieves stress by pushing out worries and anxiety, allowing you to work through problems, Read more...

  • The science of a spiritual child

    In an age of calorie counting and exercise worries, it can be easy to forget that children have a fulfilling means of achieving health: the soul. Spirituality is a proven vehicle for children’s health. Recent research on childhood spirituality has shown that kids who have positive, active spiritual relationships are 40 percent less Read more...

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