• Fact or myth? Drink milk if you swallow poison. If you get acid on your skin, you should neutralize it. Child resistant is the same thing as childproof. These are just some of the top five poison-related myths released from the Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center of Kosair Children’s Hospital. “Our No. 1 goal is to educate parents Read more...

  • It’s not that dangerous. Everybody’s doing it.I can quit at any time. Those three beliefs are prevalent among many hookah smokers and help illustrate why the ancient water pipe’s surging popularity is a growing health threat, according to the American Lung Association. The word “hookah” may bring to mind hazy images of Cheech and Chong Read more...

  • Back in seventh grade, this kid thought it would be cool to get high. He didn’t have any marijuana, so he used oregano and some other ingredients to create “fake pot.” There was a weird smell and lots of smoke, but Mike and his experimenting buddies coughed it out and lived to tell the tale. Today’s “fake pot,” sold under a variety of Read more...

  • Remember that little girl who bounded through the day wearing a bikini, a glitter-frosted tutu, a superhero cape, a fire chief helmet and rain boots – all at the same time? She was ready for anything. Nothing got in her way. She could stomp a mud puddle dry and twirl like there was no tomorrow. She thought she could fly – with or without Read more...

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