Lively Salsa Meatballs

When you’re preparing healthy meals seven nights a week, it can be easy to get stuck in a food rut and serve the same meal over and over. At my house, we struggle with coming up with interesting meal ideas, and I feel like I am always asking myself, “What can we have that’s different?” I’m also pretty good about buying grocery items, especially meat, when they are on sale and freezing them for use later. The problem with this shopping habit is that I end up with items, such as ground turkey, that we like, but then we end up having the same old things — turkey burgers, pasta with meat sauce or meatloaf. But I recently found this great meatball recipe to help change things up a bit. It’s perfect to serve with your family’s favorite vegetables on the side.

Fruit Pizza

I love dessert. If I had to choose between ordering an appetizer at a restaurant or waiting until the end of the meal for dessert, I will always choose dessert. My sweet tooth can pose some problems related to the amount of sugar, fat and calories I am consuming. Luckily, during a summer barbeque one year, I discovered the wonder and deliciousness that is the fruit pizza. One slice is usually enough for me, given the sweetness of the sugar-cookie crust, but the fruit topping is fresh and delicious and always a better choice than a piece of leftover chocolate cake. Plus, when you make your own you can choose your favorite fruits, and it’s usually a hit at parties because you brought the “healthy” dessert. Enjoy! 

Fired up about eating healthy

Summertime is grilling time! Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook. Think beyond burgers and hotdogs: Grilling adds rich, smoky flavors to many foods without adding a lot of fat and calories. With a few simple tips, you can cook an entire delicious, healthy meal on the grill, including dessert.

You don’t have to give up eating beef just because you are watching your cholesterol. Opt for lean cuts of beef like flank steak, filet mignon or top loin. When shopping, remember loin = lean. Lean cuts of pork and lamb are good grilling options too. Trim all visible fat before cooking.

Black Bean and Avocado Enchilada

At my house we have discussed the idea of “meatless Mondays”, meaning creating a healthy and delicious dinner meal without meat. That’s right no chicken, beef, pork or fish. However, I have struggled with finding healthy meals with enough protein to satisfy my husband’s hunger so he isn’t running to the kitchen to find a “snack” two hours after dinner. I ran across this recipe from the nutritionist at Norton Audubon Hospital and am looking forward to giving it a try. With almost 10 grams of protein, I am hopeful it will give my husband the satisfaction he needs to feel full longer.

Avocado open-faced sandwich

Packing a healthy lunch can be challenging, especially if you’re like me and having a salad every day gets boring. This creative open-faced sandwich is just the type of recipe I look for in a healthy lunch alternative. The avocados are a great source of protein and fiber and tomatoes have plenty of vitamins A and C.

Avocado open-faced sandwich

French bread
2 avocados
½ teaspoon salt
8 fresh tomato slices
2 cups arugula
4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

Recharge Your Energy With Super Fuel Salad

I never thought I would crave kale, much less want to eat it raw, but this salad changed that.

You may have seen a similar salad available at the deli counter — that’s where I first tried it.

It earns four stars in my book, because it tastes great, it’s packed with protein, it’s a feast for the eyes and it’s not the same-old, same-old. When I have this for lunch, I feel fortified and powered up until dinner, and I know I’m eating a meal that’s super healthy!

Summer Corn Salad

I love fresh, sweet summer corn. It’s one of my favorite memories from summertime picnics and cookouts, especially the huge Fourth of July party my parents throw every year. Everyone who comes to the party is asked to bring a favorite summertime side dish to share. Someone brought this corn salad one year and I think I’ve made it at least 20 times since then. It’s easy to throw together the night before a party and a perfect potluck dish.

Avocado, kale and ginger smoothie

When people think about adding avocados to their diets, it usually comes in the form of guacamole with chips. While avocados are delicious in guacamole, the additional ingredients and the chips minimize some of the nutritional value. This smoothie brings together unprocessed avocados, kale and ginger to give you a punch of flavor and daily nutrition.

Avocados contain more than 25 essential nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, E and K; iron; magnesium; potassium; fiber and protein.  They also may help lower cholesterol; reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke and coronary artery disease; and promote healthy body weight.